Procecting Turkey's Brands

What is Brand Procection?

We detect on-line infringement of your registered trade-marks, artwork, logo, domain-names and other forms of intellectual property; track down and map piracy networks; halt online piracy of your digital intellectual property; engineer social media content to assess and improve your brand reputation; and protect, manage and secure your international domain portfolios.

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Who needs Brand Protection?

All companies need online brand protection services. Their big brands are the most important assets of an enterprise and these and these important assets are insecure on the web. Intellectual property and brand abuse are rapidly rising due to the ever-changing consumption patterns of digital content. We generate a brand protection strategy specifically for your brand and combat any attempts at diminishing your reputation and revenue.

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Why Link Internet?

We have 12 years of domain name management and portfolio experience and have an ever-expending network of associates helping to secure your intellectual property in every jurisdiction on Earth. Our private management and inspection systems detect your risks real-time and will not leave anything to chance.

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Threats to your brand and intellectual property

Our holistic approach and cutting edge detection and management system allow us to continuously monitor the whole web and identify all threats to your intellectual property, and take action to immediately remove these vulnerabilities.